What is Revive?

Have you got things at home you no longer use? You want to get rid of them but you don’t know how? You feel bad because you think they are still useful? If you like to recycle, help your Community  and collaborate for your environment to be cleaner, Revive is your place. It is a website created to encourage people to reuse objects.

Revive is a ground-breaking initiative of Amey carried out for the first time in Witchford’s HWRC. A place where you can find and buy secondhand items, reuse them and give them a new lease of life. "A place where you will be able to transform, restore and reuse.

 Revive Witchford is located on Witchford’s HWRC.

What can I do on Revive website?

Revivemarketplace.com is the website where anyone can get to know the initiative, as well as see and navigate through the catalogue of products for sale.  

If you are a Cambridgeshire resident you will be able to donate and retrieve items from Revive at the HWRC located in (link to Witchford’s HWRC mapsite to be included).

How do I register?

If you are a Cambridgeshire resident, complete the registration form. 

I don’t reside in Cambridgeshire. What can I do?

If you are not a resident you will be unable to participate at Revive Witchford. We encourage you to check our website and engage with us via social networks. 

I’m registered, what can I do on Revive?

Once you have registered:

Upload items:

To Add Products there are two options:

Reserving an item:

Reserving a product you fancy is as easy as clicking on the reserve button and picking it up. The suggested price of each item will be shown. Please note that you will have 2 days from the moment you reserve an item to buy it. 

A representative at the Revive centre will confirm your reservation code and help you to finish the purchase process. 

If you change your mind that’s no problem, we just ask that you cancel that reservation as quickly as possible so that the item can be available for someone else.

Reserve your item today – it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. When you reserve, we look after the item for you for 48 hours
  2. You can then come and view it at Witchford Household Recycling Centre – there’s no commitment to buy it if you decide the item isn’t right for you
  3. If you don’t want to buy the item (or you don’t pop down within the 48 hours), that’s not a problem – we’ll simply make it available again on Revive